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脯氨酸(Proline,縮寫為Pro 或P),α-亞氨基酸,中性,等電點為6.30,水中溶解度比任何氨基酸都大,25℃時100g水中可溶162 g左右。易潮解不易得結晶,有甜味。與茚三酮溶液共熱,生成黃色化合物。一旦進入肽鏈后,可發生羥基化作用,從而形成4-羥脯氨酸,是組成動物膠原蛋白的重要成分。羥脯氨酸也存在于多種植物蛋白質中,尤其與細胞壁的形成有關。植物體在干旱、高溫、低溫、鹽漬等多種逆境下,常常有脯氨酸的明顯積累。在臨床、生物材料、工業等方面均有廣泛應用



Proline(abbreviated as Pro or P), α-subamino acid, neutral, isoelectric point 6.30, solubility in water is greater than any amino acid, and about 162g of water is soluble at 25 °C. Easy to deliquescent is not easy to crystallize, sweet. It is co-heated with the ninhydrin solution to produce a yellow compound. Once in the peptide chain, hydroxylation can occur, forming 4-hydroxyproline, which is an important component of animal collagen. Hydroxyproline is also present in a variety of plant proteins, especially related to the formation of cell walls. Plant bodies often have obvious accumulation of proline under various adversity such as drought, high temperature, low temperature, and salt. It is widely used in clinical, biological materials, industry, etc..
Application in the pharmaceutical industry
Amino acid drugs. One of the raw materials of compound amino acid infusion. Used for malnutrition, protein deficiency, severe gastrointestinal diseases, Burns, and protein supplementation after surgery. No obvious side effects.

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